Hotdog Booth was conceived by Mr. Beno Pranata MSC, during his studies at Northeastern Boston University in Massachusetts, United States of America. During his time in America, with busy class schedules, he frequently enjoyed the hotdog sold on the university campus. It was a good hotdog and he enjoyed the convenience of the meal.

This enlightened Beno, and he saw an opportunity to introduce the hotdog to Indonesia. He studied the way the American business worked, marketed and sold the products. He spent his spare time from studies of finance management, to research and learn as much as possible about the hotdog and the American way of business and marketing.

After receiving his Bachelor degree, he returned to Indonesia and started working on his goal to build a hotdog business that can grow in Indonesia and hopefully into other markets.

Beno spent a few years researching, making relationship, creating a menu of products and fine tuning his goal before he opened his first Hotdog Booth in Indonesia in 2004. He worked with manufacturers for designing a unique and special Halal recipes, that he later Patented.

Through the next 17 years, he has seen a growth in his business and the Indonesians enthusiasts interest of the hotdog and how they now enjoy it.

He has also made many relationship with International organizations and frequently attends international conventions to promote Hotdog Booth. During these attendances, he has acquired a range on franchisees from Indonesia and other countries.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, you can learn more on our franchise page.

Beno Pranata attending the first Hotdog Booth launch in 2004
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